Independent Study Registration
If you do not wish to use this online form, you may download the PDF Version, fill it out and mail it in.

The tuition for Independent Study is $355 per credit hour. The price for tuition is valid until June 30, 2011. Your application cannot be processed without payment. Please enter credit card information at the bottom or call the ISP Advisor at (800) 288-1766 ext. 2428 or email to make payment arrangements.

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Course Number Course Name Desired Start Date Credit Hours Cost Per Hour Tuition Cost
3 $355.00 $1065.00
3 $355.00 $1065.00
* This Price is Valid Until June 30, 2010
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Payment of Tuition:
Tuition payment must accompany the Registration Form. All forms without the required tuition will be returned
to the student

Withdrawal Refund Policy:
Students who wish to withdraw must submit a written request to the Independent Study Program Coordinator. Students who withdraw are eligible for tuition refunds according to the following schedule (effective from the start date of the course): Withdrawal within 10 days 100% Refund Withdrawal between 11 and 30 days 50% Refund

Payment by Credit Card:
Indiana Tech accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. If you are paying the tuition by credit card, please complete the following section:

Please check the appropriate card:  

Card Number Exp Date Amount Name on card Check here if paying via Financial Aid Check here if paying via Employer Voucher Fax voucher to: 260.420.8211 Special Instructions: